JavaGami features built-in sets of starting shapes, based on a few beautiful families of polyhedra. 

r1 croppedThe Regular (or Platonic) solids are a family of five polyhedra where each polyhedron is made of exactly one kind of regular polygon (a regular polygon has sides of equal length and angles of equal measure).  The cube has six squares, the tetrahedron has four equilateral triangles, the dodecahedron has twelve regular pentagons, and the icosahedron has twenty equilateral triangles. 


The Semi-regular (or Archimedean) solids are a family of thirteen polyhedra, each with two or more different kinds of regular polygons.  JavaGami also has a palette of Archimedean Duals, and some of the Johnson Solids.

Along with prisms and pyramids in JavaGami, these shapes can be stretched, shrunk, sliced, truncated, and capped to create an endless library of polyhedral forms.